No need to soak, simply add to soups, stews and casseroles. An excellent source of protein, dietary fibre and carbohydrates.

$10.00 / 6kg

$1.67 per 1Kg

Juice grade red apples. Locally grown in Teurong where all our other unwaxed apples are from.


Bunch of fresh time. Fabulous used as a stuffing in roast chicken with lemon

$12.65 / 1kg

$12.65 per 1Kg

New season Mandarins (Imperial) Great colour and flavour. Very juicy!

$3.50 / 1kg

$3.50 per 1Kg

Locally grown organic pumpkin. This week it could be Japnut, Butternut or Jap(Kent).

$5.25 / 300gm

$17.50 per 1Kg

Medium to large roots - some would give the wicked witch of the west a run for her money!


Broccoflower. Striking appearance due to its approximation of a fractal. Small heads.

$5.50 / 1kg

$5.50 per 1Kg

Will be the best of the varieties available and will change from time to time. Currently Sebago potatoes.

$5.00 / 1kg

$5.00 per 1Kg

New season Red D'anjou pears. Firm flesh and excellent for cooking, with cheese or just munching on! Locally grown using natural farming techniques.

$6.00 / 200gm

$30.00 per 1Kg

Gippsland grown snow peas. Perfect for stir fry or in salad

$9.48 / 1kg

$9.48 per 1Kg

Will be an in season variety apple- what ever is best at the moment. Currently Pink Lady.

$3.70 / 500gm

$7.40 per 1Kg

Carrots, possibly multi colour depending upon availability (orange, yellow and purple)

$3.35 / 200gm

$16.75 per 1Kg

Locally grown baby spinach leaves, perfect for salads or soups or anything else you can imagine!


A whole lettuce - best of what is available at the time. May be Cos, Iceberg or Oak

$6.00 / 200gm

$30.00 per 1Kg

A vibrant mix of baby leaves of different colours and textures. Locally grown.