Our Approach

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100% Australian owned and operated. FarmGate Online supports local business, working with other local farmers, producers and suppliers as much as possible.

We believe a strong local food economy is critical to the long-term health and wellbeing of our community. Supporting local growers and producers also keeps money, skills and jobs in the local economy.

What is a FarmGate?


A FarmGate is a location where people go to collect produce purchased from FarmGate Online. For every box delivered to a gate for collection, the gate’ receives 10% of the value of the order. Becoming a FarmGate is a fantastic way of fundraising all year round while receiving healthy, Australian grown produce. Any individual, school, community centre, church or sporting club can become a gate.

Gates can be public with anyone able to join or private limiting the gate to only those you invite. For example, a school may wish to restrict their gate to current school families or you may wish just to have your close friends or neighbours pick up from you. Let us know and we can help you set it up!

What does a FarmGate need? A gate needs a cool, clean and secure area where boxes can be stored prior to collection and someone to supervise the collection of boxes.

The Environment

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We aim to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner selecting products, packaging and producers accordingly.

We use packaging produced for the wholesale fruit and vegetable industry lined with a fully recyclable plastic sleeve. On our next delivery, we collect and then reuse these boxes until they are no longer serviceable. At this point we return them to the manufacturer for reprocessing or if they are too damaged send them to a specialist recycler to be converted into other products.

We also collect the plastic liner to ensure that it is recycled effectively.

Fair Price Produce


FarmGate Online isn’t about being the cheapest. We’re about bringing quality, local produce to the community through as few middlemen and across the least number of kilometers possible.

Farmers and producers set prices that keep their businesses viable. FarmGate Online covers the cost of it’s operation and ongoing development and the community gets good fresh produce.

We think that gives everyone a fair go.

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