Fresh uncleaned potatoes

How We Started.

FarmGate Online started from a chance meeting with a potato farmer at a farmers market. We got talking about the prices the big supermarkets were offering for his crop and how at that time it was about half his production cost.

The next week we bought 350Kg of his potatoes (which were fantastic) and sold them online in two days. Many of the buyers commented on how sick and tired they were of buying produce from supermarkets that went off in no time or was imported even though the same product was grown locally. A lot of people asked what other produce we could get from the local growers.

So now we’re working with a range of local growers and suppliers to offer a full range of 100% Australian grown produce and to incorporate locally grown and produced organic products.

When do we deliver in your area?


Join a FarmGate in your area

A FarmGate is a collection point in your community where you can pick up your order and save on home delivery.

Fundraising with FarmGate Online

Setting your school church or community group up as a ‘Gate’ offers a great way to fundraise while enjoying farm fresh local produce.

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