Offer Tomatoes

It pays to eat our veggies. Literally.

FarmGate Online isn’t just a source of Australia’s freshest produce. Our Farm Fresh Fundraising initiative also offers schools, community groups and sports teams a deliciously healthy way of raising money. And taking part couldn’t be easier.

Simply register your location as a FarmGate: a collection point where customers can pick up their orders. Whenever someone places an order and selects your location as their collection point, we’ll not only deliver the order to you, but also pay up to 10% of the order value into your nominated fundraising account!

Because our produce isn’t just good for you – it’s good for the community too.

So long, sausage sizzles.

With our giveback policy, FarmGate Online’s Farm Fresh Fundraising is the healthiest, easiest way of raising money. And you don’t have to spend a single minute flipping snags in a Bunning’s carpark. Here’s what makes fundraising with us so great:

  • No contracts or upfront commitments.
  • A fundraiser that lasts as long as you need it.
  • No money handling involved.
  • Supports local Aussie farmers and growers.

Grow something special today.

It only takes a couple of minutes to set your organisation up as a FarmGate. Just fill in the form below and you’re on your way to raising funds! Got a question? Drop us an email. We’d be happy to answer it.